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Making the Right Moves

Making the Right Moves

Corporate ladderMaking the right moves is very important, and I’m not talking about sexual practices here.  I’m rather speaking about how you must pick the right person.  Climbing the corporate ladder isn’t easy, but by using your sex appeal correctly you can definitely get to where you need to be.  You first need to focus on what you want.

Do you want to be at the top of a corporate ladder?

Instead, do you want to have a loyal lover with some money?

Sometimes, the loyal lover with some money comes into play.  I had been watching the owner of a Tree Service put up posts on his Pinterest and I thought, wouldn’t he make a great husband?  Clearly, anyone who works outside all day is in great shape.  He’s got to be smart if he’s able to cut down a tree, and he’s probably rolling in the dough.  Last time I had a tree cut down in my yard is costed me $1100, and took 3 guys, 2 hours to do.  That’s a 6 hour job at over $200 an hour.  $200 an hour is what lawyers charge!  I wouldn’t mind having a lawyer lover.

Make your own Choices

Its not always about what you your parents wanted for you; whether they brought you up to be a success or just to enjoy life.   Making your own choices is about you, because dreading a decision for the rest of your life isn’t worth it.  So you’ll have to sit down, and make a real decision.  I always get some really good wine, and drink till I’m honest.  Sometimes after a few bottles of wine you’re as honest as you can possibly be.

Once your decision is made then you need to follow through, and I’ll show exactly how to follow through in later posts.  I’m very honest with myself, and I know I love the thrill of manipulating, cheating, and getting myself in dangerous situations.  I crave that rush, and love every bit of it.  I know it’ll have some negative effects on me later in life, but I also know it’ll make some damn good “by the fire” stories.  I’ll be the kind of grandma that you don’t want your kids talking to!

Getting Kinky for the Money

Getting Kinky for the Money

There’s nothing wrong with getting up in the corporate ladder by using what your mother gave you.  Getting kinky is very important if you’re planning to use your relationship to move you into a better position at work.  People don’t talk about getting kinky in public do they…   Of course not!

No one talks about their kinkiness in public, except maybe at some college frat party.  People are naturally embarrassed about how kinky they like to get.  So ladies, when your with a guy, and especially if he’s a superior make sure to get kinky quick.  Do some stuff that you wouldn’t normally do.

Why? Because of two reasons:

  1. He’ll probably like your kinky moves such as a finger in the ass, or some spanking.
  2. Now you have some dirt on him personally.

He Likes It

Chances are if you lick his asshole out he might like it.  He honestly might enjoy it so much he gets used to having it, and we all know he can’t get that service anywhere else.   A quick fuck, or blow job is something that he can get from the secretary anytime.  Now you have serious value to him.  After exposing someone’s kinky side you’ll notice they start to have a special bond with you.  I remember the first time I tried something new with my college boyfriend.  I was giving him a blow job, and I stuck my finger right up his ass.  He was alarmed, pulled away, but I started pressing my finger on his prostate and going deeper onto his cock.

He loved it, and I got myself a new diamond necklace the next weekend.  He also stopped bragging to his friends about our sex life, and that brings me to my next point…

You’ve got some DIRT

Imagine your boss who loves to get spanked trying to demote you.  Just mention that he probably wouldn’t want the fact that he likes to get spanked in bed going around the office, would he?  I’m sure he wouldn’t like that rumor spreading one bit.   Especially if one day you hid a video camera in the back of your apartment while the whole ordeal happened.  Know I’m sure you can see why getting kinky, and documenting it is very helpful.



sex sells

You’ve got to use what you got.  Men use their physical aggressiveness all the time in the workplace.  There aren’t executives in the making who don’t have a personal trainer.  The truth is that if you want to be a serious business woman you need to use what you have.  If you’re overweight than you’re going to have a hard time in the business world as a woman.  Yes!  I totally agree that “it isn’t fair” but then again when you’re at the top looking down, do you really want it to be easy?

I’m sure the answer will be NO!  No thank you, nada, not uh – however you want to say it.  


I’m 100% for using your sex appeal to close deals.  Most guys these days with serious money are old, fat, and not getting a lot of action.  A persuasive flick of the hair or wink is all you need to get your way.  You should absolutely using your sex appeal to drive new clients into buying with you.  A smart, sexy, and resourceful woman can dominate any sales market in any economic condition.  You were given this beautiful body by god so you better put it to good use.


You’ll need to be smart when you use your sex appeal to accomplish things in business.  Mixing business & pleasure is never a good idea.  I’ll talk more about the problems I’ve faced personally when I decided to mix business & pleasure.  Another thing you want to stay away from is overdoing it.  There is a fine line between using your sex appeal to solve problems in the workplace, whether its closing a new deal or getting paid a little more and using your sex appeal all the time to get what you want.

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