sex sells

You’ve got to use what you got.  Men use their physical aggressiveness all the time in the workplace.  There aren’t executives in the making who don’t have a personal trainer.  The truth is that if you want to be a serious business woman you need to use what you have.  If you’re overweight than you’re going to have a hard time in the business world as a woman.  Yes!  I totally agree that “it isn’t fair” but then again when you’re at the top looking down, do you really want it to be easy?

I’m sure the answer will be NO!  No thank you, nada, not uh – however you want to say it.  


What is sex appeal?  As defined by urban dictionary, sex appeal is “having a attractive appeal of sex, or sexy and attractive to women.

I’m 100% for using your sex appeal to close deals.  Most guys these days with serious money are old, fat, and not getting a lot of action.  A persuasive flick of the hair or wink is all you need to get your way.  You should absolutely using your sex appeal to drive new clients into buying with you.  A smart, sexy, and resourceful woman can dominate any sales market in any economic condition.  You were given this beautiful body by god so you better put it to good use.


You’ll need to be smart when you use your sex appeal to accomplish things in business.  Mixing business & pleasure is never a good idea.  I’ll talk more about the problems I’ve faced personally when I decided to mix business & pleasure.  Another thing you want to stay away from is overdoing it.  There is a fine line between using your sex appeal to solve problems in the workplace, whether its closing a new deal or getting paid a little more and using your sex appeal all the time to get what you want.