Making the Right Moves

Corporate ladderMaking the right moves is very important, and I’m not talking about sexual practices here.  I’m rather speaking about how you must pick the right person.  Climbing the corporate ladder isn’t easy, but by using your sex appeal correctly you can definitely get to where you need to be.  You first need to focus on what you want.

Do you want to be at the top of a corporate ladder?

Instead, do you want to have a loyal lover with some money?

Sometimes, the loyal lover with some money comes into play.  I had been watching the owner of a Tree Service put up posts on his Danbury Tree Service Pinterest and I thought, wouldn’t he make a great husband?  Clearly, anyone who works outside all day is in great shape.  He’s got to be smart if he’s able to cut down a tree, and he’s probably rolling in the dough.  Last time I had a tree cut down in my yard is costed me $1100, and took 3 guys, 2 hours to do.  That’s a 6 hour job at over $200 an hour.  $200 an hour is what lawyers charge!  I wouldn’t mind having a lawyer lover.

Make your own Choices

Its not always about what you your parents wanted for you; whether they brought you up to be a success or just to enjoy life.   Making your own choices is about you, because dreading a decision for the rest of your life isn’t worth it.  So you’ll have to sit down, and make a real decision.  I always get some really good wine, and drink till I’m honest.  Sometimes after a few bottles of wine you’re as honest as you can possibly be.

Once your decision is made then you need to follow through, and I’ll show exactly how to follow through in later posts.  I’m very honest with myself, and I know I love the thrill of manipulating, cheating, and getting myself in dangerous situations.  I crave that rush, and love every bit of it.  I know it’ll have some negative effects on me later in life, but I also know it’ll make some damn good “by the fire” stories.  I’ll be the kind of grandma that you don’t want your kids talking to!