Looking Approachable

resting bitch faceMost women suffer from what is called “resting bitch face” in which we look really bitchy or upset when we’re not.  On the contrary to what most people think – not all women are bitches.  As women, we need to aware of how we’re coming off.  In a video by college humor called bitchy resting face they describe exactly what some women go through on a daily basis.

Look at the picture to your left.  If this reminds you of yourself than you’ll definitely need to do some smile practice.  You may think “oh great, smile practice is exactly what I need,” but that’s the honest truth.  Until you start to look more approachable you’ll come off as a bitch.

Coming off as a bitch in the business world is not a great way to do business.  People buy with emotion, and if they’re turned off by your resting bitch face than your business is going to suffer.  If your business suffers than your career is going to suffer, and that $120,000 you spent on that fancy education will be for nothing!

You have to turn around, and practice looking happy.  Get your smile practice done ladies!  You can tell by reading my about page that I want nothing to do with smile practice, but I’ll grit my teeth and man up if there is something that I want bad enough at the end of the road.


Recognize that Resting Bitch Face

Ladies – Sex Sells, but it can’t sell if you don’t have any customers!

Another great video outline this problem is from Buzzfeed: