Not Being Yourself

fakeThe key to being liked in the workplace is not being yourself.  I’m sure you’d love it if everyone would just appreciate you for who you are, but that is not going to happen.  So, with that being said you must be someone else.  There are certain qualities of likable people.  You should take this list to heart, much like my other key posts: Looking ApproachableMaking the Right Moves, and Sex Sells.

The Qualities of Likable People:

  • Laughs often
  • Smiles often
  • Very Clean and Tidy
  • Touchy (use this to your advantage ladies!)
  • Says Hi everyday

Ladies, get your shit together and be that stuck up fake cheerleader that you knew in high school.  Except, fake it…  BETTER.

Get your office, apartment, and personal life clean.  Personally, I hire a professional carpet cleaner often to clean my carpets.  My guy lives in Stamford, and does a really good job.

Short one for today Ladies, but its not rocket science… so get it done!