Don’t be Way TOO Nice

One huge turn off for guys is being way too nice.  Everyone knows that no one is that nice.  You shouldn’t be either.  You need to learn how to be on the nice side, but not too nice.  Certain things start to happen to you if you’re way too nice.

Problems with being too nice:

  • People think your stupid (literally!)
  • Other people tend to consider you annoying
  • The level of trust you’ll receive from others will decrease
  • You’ll lose confidence
  • It’s too hard to act fake all the time!

Real Life Example Time!

I was surfing the internet (close to real life as you can get!) to try to get a review on this gym I was thinking about joining.  I checked yelp, and there were zero reviews for this place.  I came across this website called, and they had tons of reviews.  You could tell that there were a bunch of blogs, but not like a ton of blogs.  Whoever made that website has already started getting organic traffic from the internet.  People really liked his reviews, because he or she would tell about the business, quote them, and then add a little witty blurb at the end.

Just think about it for a moment before you start being too nice.  The following statements may seem like stereotypes, but they are considered true, or at least recognizable for a reason.

Do you Agree with these Statements?

  • Girls always fall in love with the biggest asshole guys
  • Bullies are always the cool kids in school
  • The News focuses 90% of its attention on to horrible things happening in this world
  • The most popular movie characters aren’t always that nice!

Got it bitch?